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Weddings are truly a time for celebration and planning. There are many details to consider to make this your perfect day.

Choosing your Celebrant is also a very important detail. Your Celebrant has the ability to create a ceremony of excellence, a ceremony that truly reflects your love for each other, and your cultural, spiritual or religious values.

Your Celebrant can orchestrate the bringing together of families and help to bridge the gap should there be differences. Therefore it is important that you choose a Celebrant that will truly respect you and your values to create your ideal ceremony.

1. The celebrant should provide you with an extensive range of poetry, prose, music, symbols, and choreography, from which you can choose the elements and components which most reflect and express you.

2. You need creative composing and careful writing of your personal journey and the ceremony as a whole. (This takes skill and time)

3. You need time to change, reflect on, and adjust the ceremony. (From the celebrant this means obliging service and time.)

4. Full rehearsal on site.

5. A celebrant should arrive really early before the time of the ceremony so that he/she can
• check the PA system, (Is your celebrant fully equipped?)
• the placement of chairs, furniture, flowers
practise the words of the ceremony.
liaise with personnel
• liaise with musicians
• liaise with photographer
• diplomatically organise the guests for the greatest intimacy
• make sure she, and the readers, the PA system and the wedding party are placed carefully for the most intimacy.
(Takes skill, interest, care and time).

In short – you need a celebrant who is really interested in making sure your wedding goes just as you dreamed it would go.

This information was created and supplied by;

Lea Rose.    Civil Marrige Celebrant

Life Celebrations

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