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Hair And Makeup

Looking Picture Perfect for your Wedding Day

Looking great on your wedding day means being radiant, relaxed, and ready to start a brand new existence with the person whom you've chosen to spend your life with.

So preparation is the key. Take care of your skin, hair and body in the months leading up to the wedding and you will have a good base to start from. Since pictures taken on that day remain part of your life forever, it's important to look and feel your best.


You don't want to overpower your dress and headpiece with a flamboyant hairstyle or color that overwhelms everything else. Start looking for make-up and hair stylists EARLY! A good artist can be booked 2 years in advance in some cases, so it pays to leave plenty of time. It is always highly recommended that you book a Wedding trial with your make-up and hair stylists. This is a great opportunity to explore the range of colours and styles and choose the style you have always dreamed off.

Remember that your make-up on your wedding day needs to last the duration of your wedding. Your stylist will need to apply your make-up slightly heavier than with your usual daytime makeup so your photos won't have you appearing washed-out looking, but not over done! And if your wedding is at night, with more subtle lighting, your make-up will need to be a little heavier than daytime, but not much! The first decision with your hair is up or down? Wearing your hair up shows off your neckline and bone structure, always flattering in photographs.

On the other hand more people are going for the sexy wavy look, like many Hollywood starlets. Provide as much information as possible. A good stylist will ask many questions about your likes and dislikes, skin needs, colour scheme, bridal party, style of gown etc. Have some photos from magazines of makeup you like and even dislike to show them. What you DON'T LIKE is very valuable information, so let your stylist know what your really do like, don’t be quiet!

Have your nails professionally manicured the day before the wedding. This is one thing you don't want to do far in advance. Reduce the chances of a broken nail, chipped polish, or if using applied nails, one coming off, by having your manicure as late as possible. If you are not inclined toward colored polishes or long fingernails, make sure they are neatly trimmed, filed, polished, and buffed. Your hands will be a focus of attention when showing off that new wedding ring and for photos!

Keep your skin in shape with a daily cleansing, toning and moisturizing routine. It's very important that you are using the right products for your skin type. You can get advice from your make-up artist or local beauty store, on the best products out there for you. Many make-up artists do have products for purchase.

Remember to exfoliate your skin weekly, this will eliminate old dull skin cells and reveal new fresh skin beneath. You should have an exfoliating routine for your back, arms and chest or any other part of your skin that will be on show in your dress. This will give a lovely healthy shine to your body. Remember to lash on loads of body cream after you exfoliate to sooth and moisten the skin.

A great way to help you relax and enjoy your wedding planning is book yourself in for a beautiful relaxing body massage. You could even treat yourself to a Facial with the massage. Either relax by yourself or for you and your Groom to be or have a girl’s day filled with pampering and fun. This is a time to enjoy your wedding planning and preparing yourself for that Special Day!

Ask if you will be having the same stylist for the trial as on the wedding day, as this is not always the case! Make sure that the Stylist that you have booked do not have to be rushed off for another appointment, you deserve a stylists' full attention. Look at their web sites or portfolio to see some of their work. Most make-up and hair stylist will require a deposit at time of booking. This secures your trial dates and other dates.

If you are shopping around for make-up and hair stylists, to be positive that the one you have chosen is the one for you as many make-up and hair stylist charge cancellation fees. Advise your stylists of any changes ie; colour schemes, you decided to have that spray tan etc, as some stylists are less flexible than others with surprise changes on the day! Hope this helps you with your Wedding planning. Have a wonderful day!

This information was created and supplied by;

Rachael Kersey
Beauty Aesthetician
Swish mobile beauty