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Kiss from a Chimney Sweep

Chimney Sweep

Wedding traditions date as far back as the first recorded marriage ceremonies. So many are there, that each nation has a wealth of their own.
One lovely tradition that is still extremely popular is to have a Chimney Sweep-a-Gram attend your wedding. As far back as 400 years ago a chimney sweep save the life of a King in England. To express his gratitude the King doffed his cap and bowed low to his saviour.
The King had 3 daughters and the first two had suffered some hardship and misfortune in their marriages, so when the third daughter was to be married, the King insisted a chimney sweep attend, to bring good fortune to the couple.
The bride kissed his sooty face and the groom shook his hand, hence they were bestowed with life’s blessings, So there is a lot of tradition attached to The Chimney Sweep-a-Gram as well as being something really different for your wedding