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Wedding reception Venue tips!

Everyone want to know the secret to finding a great Reception venue that won’t cost the earth and will guarantee the perfect day for you!
What do you need to know before booking a wedding reception? 
The first thing to do is to set a date that is flexible. I have seen many disappointed faces when the venue the bride loves is booked on the date you have set your heart on. Try to choose a month or a couple of special dates rather than a specific date, although this is sometimes difficult it can certainly help in the long run.
If the venue offers a no obligation tentative booking, take the opportunity to hold the date that you like while you think about it. It means that no one can book the date while you make the final decisions and you won’t be disappointed when you come back to the venue a week later and the date is booked. 
What are some of the questions to ask when you look around at the venue?
The most obvious question is what is included in the price?   Many venues will say what is included but what they won’t say is what is not. Remember to make a list of all the things that are important to you for your special day before you go out looking. For example, chair covers, alcohol, flowers, sit down or cocktail style? 
What sort of music do I want? Is there a DJ/Band or available? If I have a band does that reduce the maximum number of guest I can seat? Can I tell the DJ what sort of music I want played. Am I able to supply some of my own CDS?
Can I BYO my alcohol? This is an interesting question as some venues have this option. Most times this is not the best option unless you know someone who can obtain a great discount on the purchase for you, so it is good idea to do the maths before deciding on the byo option.    If the alcohol is included in the price this is probably going to be the cheapest and most effective way of supplying the guests. 
Is the menu flexible for changes and special dietary requirements? Is there an extra charge? 
What about children? Are they looked after in relation to price and food? 
Is the menu served 50/50 or is there only one selection per course? Every venue is different and its a good idea to know exactly what you are getting for your day. 
Is there an additional cost to cut the wedding cake and does, the venue supply bags and a knife? This may seem insignificant now but when it comes to the last week before the wedding you don’t want any suprises popping up!
When do I have to make the final payment and how much is the deposit? Does the venue have a payment plan for the deposit or final payment? Sometime it’s difficult to find the deposit before the tentative booking runs out and it can help to be able to make  payments over a short period of time rather than loose the date. 
What do I do when I have booked? I have never been married before so how will I know what to do? Most venues will offer a ‘what to do next information sheet’. Lots of venues have recommended suppliers whose information they will pass onto you.   What about if you get stuck along the way? Most venues will have a function co-ordinator or wedding planner available to help you along. 
You may have met them already so remember to get to know them and feel comfortable with them as they are going to become a great friend over the coming months. They will most likely be the one that is looking after you on your special day and the one responsible for making everything go the way you want it to go. Perfect!

Information Supplied by Caroline McDonald PinOak Receptions.